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Canadian F​oundation for Development & Empowerment


The Canadian Foundation for Development and Empowerment (CFDE) strives to create immediate, long-lasting changes by assisting children, youth, and young adults in operating at their highest potential.

The CFDE endeavors to free youth from social and financial barriers by providing school materials, information on community resources, counselling, and other personal support services in order to help those in need. Along with supporting students as they continue education, we also assist young people who have discontinued their schooling. We aim to help students reintroduce themselves into school or provide them with resources to explore and begin vocational training.

CFDE is working on projects that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering). With advancements throughout the world moving at a fast pace, STEM fields are becoming increasingly crucial. Our projects strive to get young people, especially young women, Indigenous youth, and youth who have discontinued schooling, interested in these subjects. Participation in STEM will ensure their educational journey has many options that can lead to careers in fields relevant to the world's ongoing developments.


Canadian Foundation for Development & Empowerment


Creating a self-sustaining generation of youth and young adults by providing underprivileged children and youth with the necessary materials to help them thrive academically.

The CFDE is determined to make positive and durable changes in the lives of children, families, and communities by promoting scholastic achievement and providing tools for academic success.


To be recognized by our clients, private, and public agencies as an organization leader that provides services and programs to aid/ease the learning process for at-risk youth and young adults in the Edmonton Metropolitan Area.

The CFDE’s vision is to eventually provide aid in disaster relief efforts at home and abroad by providing the furniture, machinery, and other tools needed to get impacted schools up and running as soon as possible, after natural disasters.



We highly value the effective collaboration of our staff and volunteers to accomplish our goals as a team.


We encourage diversity throughout our team and partnerships to present various perspectives and life experiences that will

contribute to our journey.


We depend on innovation to determine various methods of providing opportunities for positive and effective educational experiences for young people.


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Michael Chase

Managing Director

John Doe

Executive Consultant

Jane Smith

Safety Consultant

Jack Anderson

Associate Consultant