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Virtual Classes and Activities Available

Interact online with other children & youth.  Learn through various projects and activities.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] for a brochure.

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At the Canadian Foundation for Development and Empowerment (CFDE) we provide the tools and resources necessary for young people to thrive academically.  We endeavour to define and respond to systemic issues that impact the quality of life and well-being of young people who want to succeed.

Serving Post-Secondary Students:

  • CFDE helps post-secondary students to find grants, scholarships, and bursaries. A database with information on the thousands of financial aid opportunities in Alberta is updated on a weekly basis.
  • CFDE offers free support services to young people in need. Our volunteers are available to facilitate walk-ins during business hours.
  • We have experienced staff who are ready to assist with finding housing, searching for practicum, finding volunteer opportunities, and proofreading resumes and cover letters by appointment only.

Serving Low-Income Children/Youth:

  • CFDE provides educational materials (such as backpacks, calculators, notebooks, and pencils) to schools in the Edmonton area.
  • We are currently working on establishing a Home Work Center for low-income students in the Mill Woods area.

*CFDE supports those receiving either formal or informal education.

What Drives Us  

At CFDE we are driven by young people who want to succeed but are burdened by poverty.

CFDE aims to support local and international education systems,  we will accomplish this by supporting the growth and intellectual development of children through various initiatives.

Service Area 

Proudly Serving the Greater Edmonton Area

Walk-in Hours 

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Connect With Us 

Canadian Foundation for Development and Empowerment

10578  113 Street NW, Suite 200

Edmonton, Alberta  T5H 3H5

Phone/Fax: 587-557-1191

Email: info@canadian-foundation.org